Releasing software globally increases the challenge of maintaining product quality. Each of the features that have been added to meet the needs of global customers must now be tested.

Support for new platforms, such as local operating system versions, is likely to be required and must be verified through testing. The additional scope can put strain on a testing group, and some of the new tasks require specialized skills that the organization may not possess internally.
iCentech can organize and execute testing projects from the planning stage through requirements definition, design, set-up and implementation:

  • Platform Compatibility Testing ensures that your product interoperates correctly with the hardware, operating systems, browsers, and 3rd party applications that are used in your target markets.
  • Regional Data Handling Verification ensures that your software can process text data in the scripts and encoding required by users in your target markets. Display, input, storage, and retrieval of data are thoroughly tested to ensure that users will not experience data corruption.
  • Localization Verification Testing is focused on usability and appearance. The purpose is to ensure that the application looks and feels like it was originally developed for the target locale. During a Localization Verification Test, native testers ensure that the translations, layout, iconography and color schemes used in the application are appropriate and of high quality.