The aspect we consider to be the most important in our industry is providing high quality project management and translations. High quality is measured by clients’ satisfaction and ensuring the project achieves the objectives for the target audience and region.

We work closely with our clients to customize QA process that meets your business and regulatory requirements. We can help to analyze existing QA procedures and develop new ones, making sure these are appropriate for your needs.

We have stringent quality check procedures in place to insure our translation is of high quality.

  • Qualified linguists-Qualified linguist is vital for a high quality translation. iCentech's strict standard of linguists sourcing ensures we could deliver high quality language service. Following this standard, we have set up a global network of linguists and this make us be able to translate all the major European and Asian languages. Please visit resource page to see how see more information about our resources.
  • Streamlined workflow - iCentech's streamlined workflow ensures we could deliver high quality language services to our clients. In addition to select professional linguists for the text translation, editing and QA are also carried out to ensure the quality is at high level. For jobs need Engineering, DTP, Testing and so on, quality check is also carried out to make sure the quality is perfect.


Here at iCentech, we'd like to tailor workflow specifically for our clients to meet their particular language requirement, whilst flexible enough. This is widely recognized by our clients. We provide 7*24 services which make our clients could come to us at any time and any where.

Competitive price

Headquarted in Hong Kong, a financial center in East Asia, iCentech has opportunities working with professional linguists and well-known companies on various language requirements. Thanks to the low cost in this region and our strategic global professional linguist network, iCentech is able to provide really competitive price as well as high quality languages service. Contact us now for a free quote.